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Utilize the Power of LinkedIn to Maximize Yourself


imagesSMJFYIHOBy  William Smith


LinkedIn has 200+ million users.
2 new members join every second.
It’s the 13th most visited website in the world


I developed a new category called Career Changes. There are many mid-lifers that are looking for a career change and/ or a new job in their field.  I have been amazed on how many people who are over 40 years of age never heard of Linked in.  I figured that I must write about LinkedIn so those who aren’t familiar with the site, can utilize this tool in finding a job or broaden their networking or help assist them in  changing their career paths.

From my own experience, LinkedIn has helped me in 5 powerful ways:

1) Re-connect. I have found colleagues that I worked with that I haven’t seen or heard from in 10 years and more due to time, job relocation and alike. You will be able to communicate with them thru Linked in. No more lost phone numbers and alike.

2) I utilize Linked in to get references (LinkedIn calls them Recommendations)  from the colleagues that I worked with. Most companies can get your references off of Linked in. It is great because it gives them an idea of how your career has evolved and how you interacted with the people you worked with . As we age, it is easy to lose touch with former colleagues. Now they will all be in your profile with easy access. No more crumbled and old reference letters to deal with.

3) There are several quality job postings on Linked in and particular groups that specialize in the field of your expertise. It is the top social networking site for job seekers. LinkedIn  helps fill high-skill jobs that pay anywhere from $50,000 to $250,000 or more a year.

You could post on your profile that you are looking for a certain professional job. The average baby boomer was likely to have held 11 jobs over the course of his or her career, including “large numbers of short-duration jobs even at middle age,” said the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2010. Trust me, you will have a better chance of landing that certain job in your field by creating a “unique” profile.

4) If you’re in sales or own a business of your own, you can have clients recommend your services. I utilized some of my clients for that a few years ago and it helped establish my reputation in the industry.  You could also post articles and alike about your business and get new clients/ sales.

5) I have gained some subscribers to GayLifeAfter40.com due to Linked in. You can develop new friendships. This is not like Facebook. It is for professional network tool with many people who are 40 +.   Successfully network with high-profile individuals. I have personally reached CEO’s of fortune 500 companies thru Linked in. The networking possibilities are endless.

Sounds great, right?  But there is one problem: Most people just waste time on LinkedIn – browsing randomly and sending out odd connection requests.  You can do so much more if you maximize the potential!

My friend , Lewis Howes,co-authored a book: LinkedWorking and author of LinkedIn Master Strategies.


He now has a program that gives  you everything you need to maximize LinkedIn for your professional career or business at Gay Life After 40.

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  • Learn to attract high quality clients
  • Get found by recruiters or potential business partners
  • Boost your personal brand while forming valuable relationships
  • Save time and Maximize your Profile out of the gate!

I hope this article has at least open your eyes to a site called Linked In and the potential it has to maximize your success.

Keep on Aging Forward!


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