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Gay Life can be extraordinary After 40!




Hi ! My name is William Smith, the Founder and Publisher of Gay Life After 40.

William Smith

Thank you for stopping by our site. I am humbled and honored to have you as our LGBT guest

Why did I create this site?

I feel that there has been a great void in social media. Focusing on youth is great , but what we’d like to do is open people’s eyes to the entire LGBT lifespan. Midlife transitions can mark a period of tremendous growth. It is a normal developmental life stage. What do you do with these valuable years is up to you. I found that learning to accept all the physical and emotional changes that come with getting older is the key. Every age and stage in one’s life has its beauty. This site will give you an opportunity to be engaged and explore new concepts and trends and explore some of that beauty as well .

You know something?

Being Gay after 40  is an amazing and exciting time for you. Your age has proven  that you are a resilient, adaptable and an assertive person. You did not let somebody stand in the way to be who you are. You took risks in letting your family and friends know who you truly are. Taking risks in growing can be difficult but you did it. And  you can do the same today –creating new goals, exploring new worlds, and making the most of what  you have (if you let it)!   This site is just for you!

This site will provide realistic solutions to everyday problems that occur from relationship issues to health to family dynamics, etc.. We know that self doubts come into play once in a while or we lose confidence due to a lay off or a relationship breaking. A health scare can set anyone back but we know you can bounce back. You have proven it already. We are always here to lend support and some information at your fingertips with categories so you can easily  navigate the latest information . We may not provide every solution to every problem ,  but I can guarantee you that this site will allow you to think and offer you guidance to achieve your goals.  You are never alone.


What do readers , who have signed up for our newsletter,  say about Gay Life After 40.com:


Kyle T states: “This site goes beyond the twink!…it addresses Real Life”

Jay writes: “This is a great site overall. It not only applies to just gay men, like the site would imply, but all people  approaching middle-aged. It is very descriptive and has many helpful tips, each one expanded on to give you the most information. Some of these tips are actual things you can consume, (or consume less) and then some of these things are just simple things that you can add to your lifestyle to improve your overall well-being. No one wants to go to a site and hear the same old “drink lots of water” “eat your veggies” “get exercise” etc…..”

James writes: “The tips are great, addressing real issues faced by gay couples and how to deal with them. I think every couple can take these ideas and use them in their relationship to produce a healthy and happy relationship.”

Deepak S. writes: “What I like about Gay life after 40 is that it gives a panoramic and realistic view of our issues, break-ups, challenges, difficulties, health problems, dating advice, advice on online dating thereby addressing all the key areas which are not talked about for gays over 40 during contemporary times.


So what do I do now?


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Thanks again for your support, and I wish you nothing less than success.  Keep on Aging Forward with laughter, comfort, and strength!

William Smith


P.S.  Feel free to write me if you have any suggestions or comments about the site. We are here for you.


About William Smith

William Smith has been in the “people” business for many years  helping support individuals and families.

He is the President of  Senior Care Advisers  . This informational company gives mid-lifers an opportunity to be engaged and explore new concepts and trends in aging. 

 He is also Founder of SmithFin, LLC-A Life Insurance Comparison Company particularly focusing  on helping gay men After 40 find the best insurance rates from the nations top rated life insurance companies saving them time,money and frustration. He understands that it isn’t always easy to talk to a non- gay professional about your life insurance needs as well as medical history. As we grow older, get married, and possibly build extended families and or start businesses, we come to realize more and more that life insurance is a fundamental part of having a sound financial plan. There is a certain comfort in knowing money will be available to protect your loved ones in the event of your passing. Smith is filling a void in the after 40 gay community by educating gay men about the importance of having Life insurance. 

Before founding and publishing Gay Life After 40, he successfully launched and developed  a referral company for seniors and their families in the Midwest by becoming the sales and marketing resource for health care professionals and senior housing communities. He has worked over 15 years in Human Resources in an executive capacity. In addition, he has been a volunteer Hospice counselor in his locale community.   He had been awarded a Certified Senior Advisor designation by the Society of Senior Advisors and awarded the Spirit Award for creating positive driven information on the internet.