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New Jersey Gay Wedding Chaplain-Gregg Kits


Name: Gregory J Kits (Gregg Kits)

Birth Place: Passaic, New Jersey

Occupation: Wedding Officiant, Chaplain

I am a Wedding Chaplain/ Officiant for any type of marriage or civil union from simple signature only meetings to formal Wedding Ceremonies.  I service all of North Jersey and the surrounding areas.  I have a 20×30 room for wedding ceremonies and a 20×20 Victorian Parlor for smaller ceremonies and pictures.  Conveniently located just a block away from Historical Lamberts Castle and excellent place for outdoor weddings and photographs. 


Words that best describe you?

Most people when they first meet me think I am a tough looking guy, but once I open my mouth and speak, they can immediately know that this guy is very down to earth, honest and all around nice.


Who has been your biggest influence in your life? 

Many people are influential in my life, family and friends.


When did you become out to friends and family?

I came out to my family in 1998 and most of my friends knew since I was in high school


I would give anything to meet…

I really have to say there is not one person that I would give anything to meet…. There are quite a few friends I have met on facebook that I chat with daily for the past 10 years that would be great to meet and have dinner with…


Your idea of a perfect evening is?

I am a simple guy, Dinner with my husband and see him smile is all I need.


The last book I read was …. the bible


My favorite movies/plays are?

I am more the TV Series guy, Downton Abby, Mob Wives, Housewives of New Jersey, Housewives of New York, Mr Selfridge, Steel Magnolias….


Nobody knows that I ……

My life is an open book… most people that know me… know everything about me.


What had been your biggest setback or failure in life and how did you overcome it?  Getting married to a woman in 1995 and living a lie for a year. I have found all the hardships involved with it made me much stronger and the man I am today.


If I could meet my younger self..  

I would tell him to love yourself… be true to yourself and  don’t change a thing….


What are the biggest challenges you have as a gay man after 40?  …… I don’t find anything challenging. I am upfront and honest. As an example: Rich and I were married after being together 15 years August 2, 2014 at Saint John’s Church in Passaic, NJ from the very beginning every person, vendor, venue… we were going to use, I said the same thing We are a gay couple do you have a problem dealing with us, I have no hard feelings if you do… I would rather you know than have a problem down the line. I respect other peoples beliefs and visions. There is too much hatred in the word on this subject and it made the bond between all of us much better and our wedding the most incredible day ever…..


What would you like to say to the Gay Life after 40 tribe? 

Life is good and just because you are over 40 does not make things harder, life is what you make it out to be with what you have.


Where can our readers find you or know more about you?

Facebook Personal Gregg Kits

Facebook The Wedding Man

Facebook Gay Wedding Man

Linkedin, Twitter, Google and many more….





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