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Survivor Bobby Hughes



Bobby Hughes


Birth Place:

Miami, Oklahoma. I live in Tucson Arizona now.



I work at being a better Human, but  I am also a house husband and philanthropist.


Words that best describe you?



Why does Compassionate describe you?

Why do I describe myself as compassionate? I have many qualities; however, the one that I nurture the most is compassion. Compassion for my fellow man, dogs cats etc. It boggles my mind how someone can walk by someone on the street who is hungry and cold and not do something about it within their power. I’ve heard people say that they’re there because of choices they made. That’s not always true. And it’s also not my job to decide who gets to eat or stay warm.
This year I will be starting my own nonprofit organization. I will be tax umbrellaed under a board that I sit on for women with HIV. I know what my purpose is. And it’s something that I couldn’t do without being able to describe myself as compassionate.


Who has been your biggest influence in your life? 


My partner Jason. He’s constantly been the Gallant to my Goofus. Teaching me for the last 18 years everyday.







Cool, I remember reading Gallant and Goofus in Highlights as a kid !






When did you become out to friends and family? When I was 19. My sister found a letter that a guy had written me and showed it to my mom. So I didn’t really have to come out. I was mad at the time but I realize now she kind of did me a favor.



I would give anything to meet…

  Past Tense…. Anne Frank

Present…. Someone from my past


Why? Please Explain

From the Past:  Anne Frank- I interviewed a lady a couple years ago who was in Auschwitz. Well my heart broke hearing her story it was remarkably interesting to hear it first-hand I would like to get to talk to her and ask her questions. And since her visa to America was good night before the war, I’m curious what her opinion might be about the refugees in America.

In the Present –the person I would most want to see if he was still alive would be the man who raised me. Just long enough for need to let him know that I survived despite everything he didn’t or did do. That I became a man. That there were people who would love me. And that I have value. That I grew up to be looking like him.



Your idea of a perfect evening is?

  Camping with Jason and one of the boys up on the mountain.






The last book I read was ….

Blackwood Forest by Anne Rice


My favorite movies/plays are?

The Lion King. Had aisle seats so I got to see all of the animals real close.


Nobody knows that I …… 

now if I told you someone would know !!







What’s your favorite place in the entire world?

Our home here in Tucson or back where I grew up in Arkansas or Missouri.



What’s the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done? 

Went skinny-dipping on a hiking trail one hot summer in the desert..

People really got an eyefulwith about 5 of us guys there swimming.


What odd talent do you  have? 

I can do Muppet impressions.






What had been your biggest setback or failure in life and how did you overcome it? 

I wasted too many years on drugs. I let too many precious Moments go with people I care about. With God’s help I was finally able to have the strength to overcome.


If I could meet my younger self, I would tell him…

to be strong and not give up. That somebody knows what he’s going through. That somebody cares and will always be there. Always.. Always.



What are the biggest challenges you have as a gay man after 40?  ……

Parking….. 🙂 My biggest challenge comes from not being able to help my community more and represent gay men my age.


What would you like to say to the Gay Life after 40 tribe? 

This truly is the best time of your life! We realize that our ducks don’t have to be in a row. We can be kids with credit cards. One can have the most comforting serene moments with your  friends, partners and loved ones if you choose  to.


Where can our readers find you or know more about you ?

Facebook or I can be reached here on gay life after 40.


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