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Nutritionist, Yoga Instructor Avery Justin James



Avery Justin James

Birth Place:

Bronx, New York



Personal Trainer, Yoga instructor, Nutritionist


Words that best describe you?

Quiet, private, introvert, athletic, friendly, passionate, giving


Who has been your biggest influence in your life? 

My grandmother Violet Gordon


What life lessons did she teach you?

She taught me how to take care of myself. She understood who I was and believed that I would have challenges and helped me to be self sufficient. Although I am adopted she gave a strength to know that I was a beautiful person inside and out and I was worthy.



When did you become out to friends and family?

My family has always known. I came out to friends when I was twenty-four


I would give anything to meet…

Oprah Winfrey, Sidney Poitier, Meryl Streep, Michelle Pfeiffer,

If they were alive Cary Grant, James Baldwin, Marilyn Monroe, Thurgood Marshall, Rosa Parks


Your idea of a perfect evening is?

Dinner out or at home and if it’s in the winter the be comfortable on the sofa either having a long conversation with some one and if it’s in the summer to walk along the beach enjoying the warm summer sunset.


The last book I read was ….

I read so many and although I have read it many times The Front Runner



My favorite movies/plays are?

I love older films and I love Cat On a Hot Tin Roof, Kinky Boots, Pal Joey, Room For One More, Porgy and Bess, His Gal Friday, An Affair to Remember, North by Northwest, People Will Talk, To Sir with Love…the list goes on.



What’s your favorite place in the entire world?

Crete, Greece

What’s the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done?


Hopped on an airplane and went to Greece


What odd talent do you have?

I can actually draw with my eyes closed…if that is at all a talent


What had been your biggest setback or failure in life and how did you overcome it? 

I slipped on ice and ruptured my quadriceps muscles on both legs in January of 2016, and needed to operations to repair them and although I am much better, the struggle continues.


If I could meet my younger self, I would tell him…

You are okay, you will be okay and that there is nothing wrong with being sensitive.

What are the biggest challenges you have as a gay man after 40?  ……

Not actually searching, but wanting to find that man, who like myself is not perfect, but is willing to spend our lives together.

To be able to totally trusting of people and make lasting friendships.


What would you like to say to the Gay Life after 40 tribe? 

I am very excited and looking forward to learning so much more about this wonderful group of men.


Where can our readers find you or know more about you ?

Although I am not quite big on social media, you can find me on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn


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