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Anabolic Health Presents: The Manly Grocery List


Anabolic Health Presents: The Manly Grocery List
Testosterone is a hormone mainly produced in men by the testicles. This hormone
affects the appearance of us men and our sexual development as well. It
stimulates sperm production, sex drive and aids in building muscle and healthy
bone mass.
Unfortunately, due to unhealthy foods loaded with toxins and xenoestrogens,
men’s testosterone levels are reduced. Obviously nowadays, low testosterone in
men is much more prevalent.
However, you can prevent this from happening to you. How? Simply, by lifestyle
modification and by making sure you are eating the RIGHT FOODS.

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 Anabolic Health specializes in natural means to optimize your androgen and
testosterone levels, for you to enjoy life to the fullest.
Always keep this in mind: testosterone is what makes a man’s life worth living. If
the level of your testosterone is low, this will often lead you to depression and
dissatissfaction in life. So seriously eat the right foods as recommended and if
needed, consult your physician for the testosterone replacement therapy
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