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4 Ways of Getting out of a Bad Gay Relationship

By William Smith

When you’re in a bad relationship, your whole life is upside down. You invested in a lot of emotion and more importantly time that you will never et back but you know that it something you must d0-end it -to get your life back . But the problem is that ending a relationship  can be very, very difficult to get out of . In fact, you may in fact have your finances intertwined as well.

If you need to get out of a bad relationship, follow these steps:

1. Create a support group by reconnecting with  friends and family.

I have seen so many guys that get in a relationship literally drop their close friends and family memebers over a guy. They devote most of the time in the relationship. This a a bad thing because when the relationship goes sour, those friends will provide you the emotional support to get over it.
You also may be able to move in with a friend to avoid a bad scene of ending a relationship where the other person refuses to give you up and your living with him.


2. Make it clear that you’re unhappy.

There’s a good chance your man won’t have any idea you want to leave him or that you are miserable and contemplating leaving himi. To prevent the split from feeling too shocking, make sure he knows well beforehand that you’re not happy in the relationship and you’re thinking that it would be best to sever your ties before it gets any worse.

Healthy breakups take weeks, if not months, to play out. This timeline gives you and your man time to acclimate to the idea of being apart, to begin to take care of the logistical elements of your split, and to generally exit on as mutual terms as possible.

Unless you live within a truly abusive relationship where your safety is at stake, it’s better to end things gradually and mutually than to incur the karma of a sudden, unexpected split. No one wants to be surprised.

3. If it is an abusive relationship, Don’t remain friends.

You need your space to find yourself again. Abusive reationships stunt your growth. A friend should not be abusive


4. Do not date for a while. 

Step back and be introspective. Find out what you truly want out of life.

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